about me
helo im rift im sixteen and kind of swag
i dont really know what id use this site for other than an art archive (social media is intimidating) i dont even like my art but putting it Somewhere makes me feel like im not wasting my time attempting to draw

also i use it/its pronouns and itd be cool if you could refer to me with x/xself prns too Thx... if u use he/she/they prns on me you will disintegrate immediately

im autistic and mentally ill but thats none of ur business, it feels like something i should mention here though

i really like rodents especially hamsters and dipodidae, and my biggest interest Ever is the youtube series bfdi, ive liked it since 2013 :] i know its childish to most people but it really means a lot to me so dont be mean abt it plz :(